FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We have tried to answer our most frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find the answer to a question you have, please contact us by email or call us at 901-828-3436.

Q: What do you sell?

A: We sell new and gently used children, junior and maternity clothing, shoes, accessories, baby gear, furniture, and toys. We are not accepting the following items: drop side cribs, car seats past expiration date or that have been in an accident, worn or out of date clothing (stains, rips, tears, pilling, fading, broken zipper, missing snaps or buttons etc), underpants stuffed animals, VHS tapes. BE SURE to check the CPSC recall site as NO ITEM will be accepted if there has been a recall on it. Sellers are responsible for checking their own items.

Q: How much will I earn?

A: Consignors receive 70% profit from the final sale price of their items. Consignors that sell using our “Take & Tag” program receive 45% profit from the sale of their items. Using this service we would come pick up your clean, ready to sale items, enter them into the inventory system, tag them and get them to the sale. This is a fantastic advantage for busy parents! To register for a “take and tag” appointment- contact us at least 4 weeks before the sale.

Q: Is there an admission fee?

A: We do NOT charge a fee to shop Thursday, Friday or Saturday! To shop Presale Day (Wednesday), you must have a presale pass to shop.

Q: What is a presale pass and how do I get one?

A: Our presale pass allows you to shop first on Wednesday before the sale is open to the public. To get a pass you must either be a consignor, volunteer, or new mom. Consignors, volunteers, and new moms must register online in order to be on the guest list for the presale.

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are conveniently located during the week of our sale at Marion Church of God. Our address is 1747 US Hwy 64 West, Marion, AR 72364.

Q: Do you have shopping carts?

A: No, we recommend that you bring your own bag or laundry basket to help make shopping easier. Many find that tying a belt to a laundry basket works great and will allow you to shop without having your arms tired from carrying all the goodies that you find at the sale!

Q: Can I bring my children to the sale?

A: We ask that you do not bring any children, strollers etc to presale Wednesday. Our presales are extremely busy and very crowded. Children are allowed to the public sale. We ask volunteers not bring children to the sale while working as this could be a safety issue. Thanks for understanding.

Q: Where can I find hangers?

A: Try checking with your friends, family, neighbors, or your local dry cleaners. You may use plastic hangers, but please try to avoid the cheap ones that can break. Sometimes that can happen due to vigorous shopping and we would hate for your items to end up on the ground.

Q: What is the best way to attach tags to shoes, toys, and books?

A: We suggest attaching tags with clear packing tape. However, books and other cardboard surfaces should be tagged using masking tape or by placing the book/item in a Ziploc bag and then tapping the tag to the outside of the bag. For shoes you can place one pair of shoes in a Ziploc bag and place the tag in the bag. This also helps to keep shoes together! For more information, please check out the “item preparation and tagging” tab located in the “sale” section.

Q: How do I hang my clothes?

A: All hangers must face the same direction. We ask that the hook face the left so the hanger resembles a question mark. Secure all items to the hanger with safety pins. Use a safety pin to pin the tag in the upper right hand corner of the item. When tagging 2 piece items, secure the shirt to the hanger with safety pins and then secure the bottom to the shirt. For pictures and more information on tagging your items, check out the “item preparation and tagging” tab located in the “sale” section.

Q: What if I do not have a printer at home, how can I print my tags?

A: We are happy to print your tags for you. We will schedule a tag pick up day closer to the sale. You will enter all of your items and we will print the tags. Contact us for more information on tag pick up day.

Q: When do I pick my items up?

A: All items must be picked up on Sunday between 12-2pm. Any items not picked up by 2pm will be immediately donated to charity.

Q: When will I receive my consignor check?

A: Checks will be available at pick up. If you do not have items to pick up, you can still drop by between 12-2pm and pick up your check. Any checks not picked up in person will be mailed within 7 business days.