Item Preparation & Tagging

Item Entry Deadline:

Friday, February 15th at 11:59 p.m.

You cannot enter or edit items in the inventory system after this date, but you can still print your tags.

How to prepare your items:

Click to view: “HOW TO” on Item Prep Slideshow:

Special thanks to our friends at Trussville Methodist Consignment Sale for sharing their slideshow & allowing us to tweak!

outfit outfit-backdresssocksshoesdvdpiano

  • Clothing & Shoes: Please make sure all items are clean and free of stains. We will be checking items to ensure they meet our quality standards. Items will be more likely to sell if they are ironed, buttoned, zipped, etc.

  • Toys & Equipment: All items must be clean and free of debris. Make sure all items have working batteries. Place small toys or toys that have small parts into Zip lock bags. Packing tape works well to keep items together and discourages children from playing with them during the sale.

  • Games, Puzzles, DVDs, CDs & Books: Use large zip lock bags or plastic wrap to ensure your items stay together. Make sure items have all the pieces!

  • Furniture: All items must be clean and include all hardware.

How should I price my items?

We suggest pricing items at 30% of retail price. If items are new with tags, price them at 50% of retail price. If you have a question about pricing, please contact us for suggestions.

How do I add my items to the inventory system?

  • Click “Consignor Log In” and enter your consignor ID and password.
  • Click “Work with Consigned Inventory”
  • Click “Work with My Active Inventory”
  • Enter a detailed description, price and choose the correct category for your item.
  • Check the “Discount” box if you want the item to go 50% on Saturday. Check the “Donate” box if you would like an unsold item to be donated at the end of the sale.
  • Click “I’m Finished for Now” when you are finished adding items to the sale.

How do I print my tags?

We ask that all tags be printed on cardstock paper. This  thicker paper helps keep your tags attached to your items during the sale.

  • Click “Consignor Log In” and enter your consignor ID and password
  • Click “Work with Consigned Inventory”
  • Click “Print All Tags” if you want to print all the item tags
  • Click “Print Selected Tags” if you need to re-print a tag or need to select certain tags to print. You can also choose “Print All Unprinted Tags” to print all tags.

Attaching your tags:

  • Clothing: Hang your items: All hangers must face the same direction. We ask that the hook face the left so that the hanger resembles a question mark (?). This will be the front of the item where your tag is placed. You will pin your tag on the upper right hand corner of the item by securing it with a safety pin. When hanging two-piece items, place the top on the hanger and secure the bottoms with a safety pin on each side of the top. Bottoms should be attached with safety pins to the hanger. Items such as socks, hats, burp cloths, wash cloths, tights, and the like can be secured in zip lock bags with the tag attached to the bag using packing tape. See our examples of tagged items below.
  • Shoes:  Shoes should be tied together using curling ribbon or zip ties and placed in a Ziploc bag. Attach the tag to the ribbon or zip ties, tape to the bottom of the shoe or to the Ziploc bag. Shoes are known to get separated so be sure to properly tag your shoes.
  • Toys, DVDs, Books, and Miscellaneous Items:  If an item has a flat surface, use packing tape to secure the tag. Avoid placing on the bottom of the item, as this will make your item harder to sell. If the item is an odd shape, use curling ribbon, yarn or a zip tie to secure your tag to the item. Small or grouped items (bottles, sippy cups, small toys, and the like) should be secured in Ziploc bags, taping the tag to the bag with packing tap. If you are unsure where to place the tag, we will be happy to assist you at check-in.
  • Large Equipment & Furniture:  Please bring your tag to drop-off, and we will place the tag for you.

What if I don’t have a printer at home? How can I print my tags?

We are happy to print your tags for you for $2. We will schedule a tag pick-up day closer to the sale. If you are unable to print your tags, schedule at tag pick up. You will be sent a paypal invoice which must be paid prior to us printing your tags.