`Our sale relies heavily on great volunteers like YOU!

Volunteers shop before the public for first dibs on all our great items! We listened to feedback from our wonderful volunteers last sale and have decided to make our volunteer schedule more flexible by breaking up volunteer times into 2 hour increments…mix and match your times to what best fits your schedule! This year, our  sale will feature 2 shopping times- an 8 hour volunteer time and a 4 hour volunteer time. Our Sort Shift will feature some AWESOME perks!

Can’t Volunteer but have some muscle you could send in your place? We have a VERY LIMITED number of volunteer spots available for MEN!! Your “Man” will receive double credit for their volunteer time!


PRESALE Wednesday, February 20th @ 4:00 p.m. & ½ PRICE PRESALE Friday, February 22nd @ 7:30 p.m.

These are volunteers who work a total of 8 volunteer hours. This can be broken into 4 2-hour shifts or all 8 hours at one time…you design the times that best fit your schedule. Signing up as a Sort Shift Volunteer is a great way to get in most of your hours at one time…even better is all the added perks for Sort Shift volunteers! Check out the incentives below. Also, check out the limited number of BONUS MEN shifts available. These shifts give double credit for time worked.


PRESALE Wednesday, February 20th @ 5:00 p.m. & ½ PRICE PRESALE Friday, February 22nd @ 7:30 p.m.

These are volunteers who work a total of 4 volunteer hours. This can be broken up into 2 2-hour shifts or worked all at one time. We have a limited number of Bonus Men shifts available.  Your “man” will volunteer for 2 hours and help take down our racks- and you will receive credit for 4 hours of volunteer time!

BONUS SHIFTS: We have 2 BONUS SHIFTS available with ADDED perks!!

SORT SHIFT: In addition to 6 hours of volunteer time, our sort shift workers also have a ton of other reasons for volunteering! Sort Shift is Saturday, February 23rd from 2:00 p.m. till sort complete (in the past, this has been before 9PM each sale). This shift is limited and available on a first come first serve basis. BONUS MAN SHIFTS: These are available on a limited basis. Sign your “MAN” up for either of the “man” shifts and his volunteer hours count for DOUBLE time!


- We will draw one worker to shop 30 minutes before the public on Wednesday, August 1st.  What could be better than 30 minutes with the floor to yourself!! (We would ask that the winner of this early shopping be available to work the presale after shopping- This would count towards your volunteer time).

- We will draw one worker to shop 30 minutes before the public 1/2 off presale, Friday, February 22nd. (We would ask that the winner of this early shopping be available to work the presale after shopping- This would count towards your volunteer time).

- An extra 10% of sales to a lucky volunteer consignor.

- Sort Shift includes dinner & drinks

- All bonus shift workers will have their $8 consignor fee waived


We depend on our volunteers help ensure our sale runs smoothly. You can sign up and remove yourself from volunteer shifts up through the end of the day Wednesday, February 13th . After that date, workers who do not follow through with their commitment or do not find a suitable replacement will not be allowed to volunteer at future sales. Please thoughtfully consider your commitment before signing up for a shift. Shifts are limited, and you could be taking up a spot someone else would have loved to have filled. If you do need to cancel last minute and have not found a replacement, please call 901-828-3436.


You are on your feet for the length of your shift. Please wear comfortable shoes.

Remember to sign in and sign out.

After you sign in, grab a name tag, T-shirt & apron. This helps shoppers know you are a worker. Before leaving, be sure to turn back in your apron & t-shirt.

Workers should not bring children to the sale.

Our goal is to have FUN while working!

Can’t volunteer at our sale or need to split up your shifts? Contact us for additional volunteer opportunities. We have a select few barter volunteer shifts available.