Online Selling


You set the prices, upload the photos and bring us the sold items CURBSIDE! NO safety pins, NO hangers, NO cutting tags…EASY PEASY! SAVE TIME and join our online consignment event! We will bring thousands of shoppers and offer multi-city pick ups to expand your buyer base even more!  Consignor Registration is only $10 and you can earn up to 75% at the ONLINE event!  Click the link below to pay via PayPal and be redirected to our registration page.

Why Should you consign online?

  • Online consignors can earn up to 75% of their sales!!
  • Online consignors can avoid the hassle of hanging clothes, pinning clothes and cutting tags!
  • Online consignors can drop off sold items curbside. You can even choose to bring your donated children’s clothing to donate to the  local foster closet!
  • No scary meet ups with strangers or leaving items on your porch for days at a time.
  • Consign items that are typically not allowed at our in person events. See items accepted in the link below!
  • We bring thousands of shoppers  who want to purchase all the things to you without you leaving the comfort of your home!

Important Dates:

Consignor Registration Opening soon until September 4th (or until full)
Item Entry Cut-Off September 4th at 11:59PM
Online Consignor Presale September 9th at 7PM
Online Registered New Mom Presale September 10th at 12PM
Online Open to Public September 10th 8PM
Online ½ Price Consignor Presale September 13th 7PM
Online ½ Price Public Sale September 14th 8AM-9PM
Consignor SOLD item drop off (By appointment) September 18th 4PM-8PM; September 19th 9AM-11AM
Shopper PURCHASED item pick up Marion Church of God Sunday September 20th 9AM-3PM
Consignor PAYPAL payout Automatic credit by September 26th
Consignor CHECK payout Mailed by October 3rd


Helpful Hints for item entry:

  • Ensure your consignor ID is on each item entered.
  • Consider grouping “like” items/Sizes together and selling as a LOT
  • Ensure you are entering EXACT sizes. It will make a difference if you mislabel your items to a buyer.
  • Use the description field. No special characters though.
  • Photos matter- take in a well-lit room!
  • Adhere to our standard quality control guidelines (also reiterated in the seller agreement). When in doubt- leave it out!
  • Bag your items as you go and keep in entry order for ease of handling later!

Made an error on an items entered? Let us know to delete Here:

If you have made an error entering an item and need to have us delete, please let us know by clicking below. We will delete the item from inventory so that you can reenter.
Since we are offering a virtual event and are only taking sold items from consignors, this is giving us more flexibility in items accepted for the virtual event.

Pricing Guide