Online Selling


You set the prices, upload the photos and bring us the sold items! NO safety pins, NO hangers, NO cutting tags…EASY PEASY! SAVE TIME and join our online consignment event! We will bring thousands of shoppers and offer multi-city pick ups to expand your buyer base even more!  Consignor Registration is only $10 and you can earn 70% at the ONLINE event! 

Why Should you consign online?

  • Online consignors can earn up to 70% of their sales!!
  • REFERRAL PROFIT SHARING!! Online Consignors who refer NEW online consignors will receive 5% of the sales from their referred consignors. EXAMPLE: Refer 5 friends, earn 5% of EACH of their sales. Refer 10 friends, earn 5% of EACH of their sales. *Referrals must be NEW online sellers and must list your name in the referral process. Profit sharing is for the September event only.
  • Online consignors can avoid the hassle of hanging clothes, pinning clothes and cutting tags!
  • Online consignors only drop off sold items. These items are bagged using printable Avery sticker tags. NO CUTTING…HANGING… You can even choose to bring your donated children’s clothing to donate to the  local foster closet!
  • No scary meet ups with strangers or leaving items on your porch for days at a time.
  • Consign items that are typically not allowed at our in person events. See NEW THIS SALE below…
  • We bring thousands of shoppers  who want to purchase all the things to you without you leaving the comfort of your home!
  • GROUP LIKE ITEMS TOGETHER! No need to take a one off photo of individual items! Make selling even easier by finding like size or types of items and group them together! For instance, 10 pair of size 5 pants; 8 chapter books for young adult readers; 5 pair of size 7 sandals. Simply snap a photo, describe the LOT, and bag the LOT so it’s ready to go when it sells.

Important Dates:

Consignor RegistrationSunday, March 6th
Item Entry Cut-OffMonday, April 11th at 11:59PM
Online Consignor PresaleThursday, April 14th 6PM
Online VIP paid Presale
(must have purchased a ticket to shop at this time)
Thursday, April 14th 7PM
Online Registered New Mom PresaleThursday, April 14th 8PM
Online Public SaleFriday, April 15th 7AM
Saturday, April 16th until 3PM
Sunday, April 17th 7AM until
Monday, April 18th until 12PM
Online 1/2 price Consignor PresaleSaturday, April 16th 6PM
Online 1/2 price VIP Presale Saturday, April 16th 7PM
Online 1/2 price New Moms & Teacher/Hero Presale Saturday, April 16th 8PM
Online 1/2 Price Public SaleSunday, April 17th 7AM
Monday, April 18th until 12PM
Consignor SOLD item drop off
(times may vary by location)
Wednesday, April 20th
Lakeland: 7:30PM-8:30PM
Germantown/Collierville: TBA
Little Rock: 5PM-7PM
Southhaven: TBA
Marion/West Memphis
Consignor SOLD item drop off (by appointment)
Friday, April 22nd 10:30AM-7PM
Marion/West Memphis
Shopper PURCHASED item pick up
Marion Church of God
Saturday, April 23rd 3PM-7PM
Shopper PURCHASED item pick up
(times may vary by location)
Monday, April 25th
Little Rock: TBA
Date TBA
Lakeland: TBA
Southhaven: TBA
Germantown/Collierville: TBA
Consignor payout via E-paymentsBy May 2nd


Helpful Hints for item entry:

  • Ensure your consignor ID is on each item entered.
  • Consider grouping “like” items/Sizes together and selling as a LOT
  • Ensure you are entering EXACT sizes. It will make a difference if you mislabel your items to a buyer.
  • Use the description field. No special characters though.
  • Photos matter- take in a well-lit room!
  • Adhere to our standard quality control guidelines (also reiterated in the seller agreement). When in doubt- leave it out!
  • Bag your items as you go and keep in entry order for ease of handling later!


  • You can now add an additional photo
  • You can now view & edit your own items (prior to item cut off). After item entry cut off, no edits-additions-deletions can be handled in the portal. You must contact us for resolution.
  • New Tags in item entry for ease of filter. Online shoppers will now be able to drill down to exactly what they are shopping for! Using tags will increase your sell-thru rates!
  • Additional Categories: Men, Pet, Home Decor, Regiftable (NWT)
  • Consignors will be charged up to a $5 handling fee for each sold item that does not meet quality controls standards or that does not make it to the event. It’s very important that you check your item inventory for duplicates, edits & deletions prior to our live event.

My Items SOLD… What’s next

  • Your online seller portal will update sold items for you. You can then pull your sold items and bag them as they sell. You can bag items in Kroger/walmart plastic sacks, bathroom trash bags, gallon size baggies etc. Any bag is fine with exception of BLACK BAGS.
  • After the event, we will post sold item tags in your seller portal. These tags can be printed on AVERY 8163 sticker labels and will be stuck to your bagged items.
  • You will register for a drop off time in the portal. Drop off times will be posted closer to item entry close. We will offer multiple drop off sites. Please note- our satellite locations will have an earlier drop off time than our main hub in Marion.
  • When you drop your items off, you will use a link we provided at drop off along with your cell phone and scan your items into the system. This will let us know that each sold item arrived. We will then check you in and you will place your items where designated.

Pricing Guide